• Nouveau Nouvel: Mondrian as Muse
  • Nouveau Nouvel: Mondrian as Muse
  • The Ebola Virus
  • Rough Waters: In Depth
  • Detail of The Magnificent Micelle
  • Brain + Love, left
  • Complications of a Heart Attack
  • Rebirth
  • Deconstructing the Barracks: Auschwitz-Birkenau
  • Deconstructing the Warsaw Ghetto
  • Making a Difference: Breast Cancer Revisited
  • Detail, Garden of Digital Delights: Charles Csuri
  • Perfect Prisms: Crystal Chapel
  • Aquatic Assemblage: The Maritime Metropolis
  • Deconstructed Crain Communications Building
  • Deconstructed Marina Towers
  • Deconstructed Aqua Building
  • Mies-en-scene: The Farnsworth House
  • Second Illusion About Antonio G. in New York
  • Gliding Goff/Gryder Residence Reconstructed
  • Reconstructing the Wright Space
  • Punta Pacifica: A Deconstructed Vision
  • Garden of Digital Delights
  • Detail, Garden of Digital Delights: Man Ray
  • Detail, Garden of Digital Delights: Mapplethorpe
  • Detail, Garden of Digital Delights: Imogen Cunningham

(art)n produces PHSColograms: computer generated, three-dimensional digital backlit photographs, PHSCologram sculptures and PHSCologram installations commissioned by museums, research institutions, corporations and private collectors.

Since the early 1980s, a large body of work has been produced under Sandor's direction by the (art)n collective and numerous collaborators. Recurring themes explored include early tributes to artists, virtual portraits, science as art, visual history, video game culture, Chicago Imagists, and renderings of unrealized architectural plans.

Above is a detail from The Magnificent Micelle, a 2013 PHSCologram.

Ellen Sandor is the Founder and Director of Chicago-based (art)n Laboratory, Inc. Selected works from the (art)n portfolio are available for exhibition, publication, and purchase.