(art)n Artists: 

Ellen Sandor, Jim Zanzi, Mark Resch and Gina Uhlmann

Collaborative Artists: 

Dan Sandin, Electronic Visualization Lab, School of Art and Design, University of Illinois at Chicago


Virtual Photograph


Kodak Fast Film, Kodalith, Plexiglas


Video and Computer Art: Chicago Style, an international traveling exhibition of recent Chicago work curated by Barbara Sykes-Dietze:

The Institute of North American Studies, Barcelona, Spain, June 1989

Australian Video Festival, Australia, September 1988-October 1988

Queensland Art Gallery, South Bank, Brisbane October 1988

The Australian National University Union Centre, Canberra, September 1988

Chauvel Cinema, Paddington, September 1988

South Australian Art School, Adelaide, Australia, August 1988

The Foote Clube, sponsored by Media Resource Centre, Experimental Art Foundation, and the Australian Network for Art &Technology, Adelaide, Australia, August 1988

Liaoning Television Station, Shenyang, China, August 1988

Scan Video Gallery, Tokyo, Japan, July 1988

Hitachi Young Plaza, Tokyo, Japan, July 1988

Niphon University, Tokyo, Japan, 1988

PHSColograms by (Art)n, Fermilab Gallery, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory IL, November 11, 1987–January 6, 1988

New Photography, Feature, Chicago, IL, January 1987




Fermilab catalogue