(art)n Artists: 

Ellen Sandor, Fernando Orellana, TJ McLeish, Pete Latrofa, Jack Ludden, Nichole Maury, Todd Margolis, Mike Kosmatka, Janine Fron, and Stephan Meyers

Collaborative Artists: 

Special acknowledgement to Ed Fox, all of the Battle of Midway veterans, historians, friends, and members of the Internet's Battle of Midway Roundtable, who helped provide the photos, stories and facts from the Battle of Midway for this memorial installation.


Virtual Photograph


Duratrans, Kodalith, Plexiglas


The Battle of Midway Exhibit is located just through the security checkpoint and to the left, at the beginning of Concourse A, just across from the Midway Boulevard Food Court. (Please note that due to new Federal Security guidelines only ticketed passengers and badged employees are allowed beyond the security checkpoint.)


The Battle of Midway Memorial was commissioned by the Public Art Program, Department of Aviation, and City of Chicago, Richard M. Daley, Mayor.


U.S.S. Yorktown
Battle of Midway, June 1942
After the 4 June mid-morning U.S. Navy attacks on the Japanese carrier force, only the Hiryu remained operational. Shortly before 1100 she launched eighteen dive bombers, escorted by six fighters, to strike a retaliatory blow. At about noon, as these planes approached USS Yorktown (CV-5), the most exposed of the three American aircraft carriers, they were intercepted by the U.S. combat air patrol, which shot down most of the bombers. Seven, however, survived to attack, hitting Yorktown with three bombs and stopping her.

While Yorktown's crew worked to repair damage and get their ship underway, a second force left Hiryu, this one consisting of ten torpedo planes and six fighters. Though the U.S. carrier was moving again by 1430, and even launched more fighters, the Japanese aircraft penetrated heavy air and gunfire opposition to hit Yorktown with two torpedoes, opening a huge hole on her midships port side. The stricken ship again went dead in the water and took on a severe list. Concerned that she was about to roll over, her Captain ordered his crew to abandon ship.