Institutional Collaboration

(art)n has collaborated with historians, researchers, and scientists from the following distinguished institutions:

Amoco Corporation
California Institute of Technology
Carnegie Mellon University
Chevron Corporation
Cornell University
Daimler-Benz Research
DePaul University
Florida State University
Genentech, Inc.
GMD National Research Center
Iowa State University
Illinois Institute of Technology
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical
Research & Development, L.L.C.
Michigan State University
Monsanto Corporation
NASA Ames Research
NASA Langley Research
NASA Lewis Research
Naval Historical Center
Northwestern University
The Ohio State University
Picker International
The Royal College of Art
The School of the Art Institute of Chicago
The Scripps Research Institute
Silicon Graphics
Survivors of the Shoah
Visual History Foundation
University of California Berkeley
University of California Los Angeles
University of California San Diego
University of Chicago
University of Illinois at Chicago
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
USAE Waterways Experiment Station
Yale University